A four part workshop series to help you launch and grow your business.


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What is Kickstarter Workshops?

“Decades of HUSTLE bottled into a FOUR part workshop series”

If you are passionate about making a CHANGE, serious about taking the first steps, willing to get stuck in and have the ability to LEARN new things, you are ready for the Kickstarter Workshops; a business growth programme for ambitious entrepreneurs that will help you build lean, learn fast and set a strong foundation from which to GROW.

This four part workshop series, (mindset, branding, marketing & growth) will fast track your launch so you feel confident and supported to take your first steps. Whether you decide to book the whole series or take individual workshops, you will receive a wealth of practical advise in small group settings and take part in interactive workshops guided by entrepreneurs and creatives with decades of business building experience. 

As well as hands on mentoring with working templates and actionable steps,  we will give you access to a local network of experts and tell you about time-saving apps you probably didn’t know existed. On completion of the workshops  you will have the option to join a follow on monthly accountability group to make sure you benefit from the network and continue to take the next steps on growing your business.

We currently don't have a 4 part series scheduled but have launched  ONE DAY Brand Marketing Workshops for time poor, cash strapped business owners. 

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The right mindset is critical if you want to overcome the challenges that come with entrepreneurship, without it you can’t move onto the tagline, the marketing strategy and the growth plan. Mindset impacts thinking, performance, and overall success.

In this workshop we will learn which elements comprise a growth mindset, identify the negative mental habits and behaviours that hold us back from accomplishing our goals, and develop strategies to improve our performance and increase our motivation. 

Through a series of interactive exercises we will help you to understand your strengths and help you focus on what's important to develop a clear vision and  value proposition that  will provide a basis for developing other aspects of your strategic plan.

This session will be led by Positive Psychology Coach Priscilla Ramirez,  of Plan Be Coaching. 


Building your brand can be a daunting task to undertake, especially when resources are limited. It's also quite possibly the most important part of developing any business and more crucially can be the difference between a roaring success and floundering failure. 


This workshop will not only help you understand the branding process but will also explain ways of creating an effective brand identity that can be applied to all your marketing communications on any budget.


We will show you through case studies and examples, economical ways to get started and to continue the momentum by making the right choices, using the right tools and effective techniques to support your branding and marketing activities.

This session will be led by Bob Sakoui, Creative Partner at design consultancy,  Distinguished + Co


Marketing is the key ingredient for growing your business. 


Marketing  is what grabs the customers attention, attracts them and makes them want to buy from you. 


In this workshop we will help you develop a marketing plan and to understand modern day marketing funnels, marketing personas, marketing strategies,  customer retention and how to measure the results of your marketing campaigns so you can grow by doing more of what works! 

The workshop will give you the tools to create a full funnel marketing plan connecting the long term vision with short term tactics. One that suits your business and budget.


This session will be led

by Kal Di Paola, Business Consultant at

growth plan

Every entrepreneur needs self-direction and focus. This is the strategy but strategy is meaningless without execution.


Execution tactics and a clear sense of purpose are the key elements of a growth plan. In this workshop we will show you how to create a strategic 12 month growth plan with actionable steps and a financial forecast that connects to your growth strategy.


The workshop will be designed around a series of exercises that will encourage you to work ON your business not IN it.


You will come away with a framework for a 12 month growth  plan and the knowledge to implement it effectively.  


This session will be led by

Kal Di Paola, Business Consultant at



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Remi Olajoyegbe

Coach/Social Entrepreneur

"The path of an entrepreneur isn’t an easy one.  In addition to knowing your market, it requires courage, resilience, vision, 

passion, consistency and rigorous self management, especially in the face of challenges, of which there many.

I have known Kal for over 20 years and she embodies all of these attributes, as witnessed in her excellent ability to deliver.  She knows how to work on herself as well as her business, such that she is always learning, evolving and growing.   

She is a phenomenally talented entrepreneur and professional".

Mimma Viglezio

Creative consultant

"I have known Kal for more than ten years, and worked with her in a previous venture.


She is a serious entrepreneur, relentless with ideas and albeit business oriented, she definitely possesses a strong creative mind. Most of all, Kal is resilient, optimistic, and therefore she doesn't give up easily.

She knows how to listen, yet she can be firm in her point of views.


Lastly, she has a clear ability to use her past experiences to know what can make or break any new venture. It is always a delight to brainstorm with Kal".

Jennifer De Gray 

Owner Edit By Jen

“In my career journey, there have been those rare moments when stars align and you meet unique individuals who stop you in your tracks and inspire you - Kal is definitely THAT person! 

I’ve worked alongside Kal in various projects, and I am constantly in awe of her tireless resilience, endless ideas, her drive and her foresight. Having had  a career in the fashion industry for over 25 years, Kal has been my mentor constant, through brand changes and varied job roles. 

More recently, Kal has helped me to brainstorm the birth of my boutique styling brand.  She continues to support my small business with encouragement, fresh ideas and her take on solutions to new challenges. She is my motivational powerhouse!”

Gabby Bennett

Owner Basil & Tom's

"Kal has played a key role in helping my husband, Max and I set up our business Basil & Tom’s.


She is brimming with practical and creative ideas about how to launch a business and how to keep refreshing what you are doing.


She is also great at cutting through complexity, keeping things simple and making them happen quickly. 


We have really valued what Kal has done to help us get started"


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