Marketing Audit 

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A marketing audit is an analysis of your business's marketing environment, and should be the starting point of any new marketing plan.

Marketing strategies can quickly lose their spark and small business owners need to ensure they devote themselves to a process of constant analysis to ensure long term success. 

Do you have a written marketing plan for 2020?
Do you have clear goals and objectives?
Can each goal be tracked and measured?
Do you know the lifetime value of each customer?
Do you know where your leads are coming from?
Do you the cost of each of those leads?
Do you know how many leads you need to achieve your desired number of customers?
Do you know the lifetime value of each customer?
Do you know how much website traffic you need in order to convert the number of leads you need?
Have you profiled your ideal customer?
Are your marketing materials doing the job they need to do?
Are your social media profiles optimised?

Do you have a sales/marketing funnel?
Are you on the right platforms?
Do you have time to do Marketing?
Can you afford not to do Marketing?


Developing and maintaining a marketing strategy can be time consuming. Not all of the above will be relevant to your business but if you answer NO to at least 5 you may need some help with your marketing.


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