5 Reasons to Shop Local This Christmas

As prep begins for the festive season,  a little reminder to ask you to consider supporting your local shops for all your Christmas needs. From ordering your turkey and veg to shopping for gifts, hampers, Christmas cards, wreaths and wine, there's nothing that  you can't find in the local shops, all of whom add value to our neighbourhood.

By buying your turkey from Tim at English Butcher, veg boxes and hampers from Basil & Toms, Panettone from Churchfield Food Store, wine from Vindinista, beers from A Pint of Hops, wreaths from Heart & Soul and gifts from Otto and The Village Trading Store you are supporting the local economy, which benefits the whole community.


  1. Shopping locally helps retain our communities, if we don't use them we lose them!

  2. Shopping local helps the environment. We can walk to our local shops who often stock a high percentage of locally sourced goods, which helps reduce our global footprint.

  3. Local independent shops invest more in our communities. Small business owners are proportionally more generous in their support for local charities, schools and community events/projects. So supporting local shops means a financial return for our community.

  4. Local shops create local jobs and pay a higher average wage than commercial chains.

  5. Local shops help shape the identity of the area. The more we support them the more unique and vibrant shops we'll attract to the area!


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