ACTON "Unframed" Bringing Street Art to Acton

Launched by Kal Di Paola ( Knnected ) and Jewel Goodby ( JGContempary ), Acton 'Unframed’ is a grass roots urban art project that aims to bring the world's best street artists to Acton W3. The project aims to attract visitors to the area and serve as a catalyst to engage the community and to inspire commercial and social change in the neighbourhood.

The idea was recently pitched to Crowdfund London, who want to see more Londoners actively engaged in the process of improving our city. It is set up by the Mayor of London, who is looking to fund innovative proposals that benefit the whole neighbourhood and show community support through a spirited crowdfunding campaign. The best campaigns could attract a pledge of up to £50,000!

Acton residents Kal & Jewel have been approved and verified to run a campaign for their project. In order to be successfully matched to funding they now need to show that the community are supportive of this idea. If the community raise at least 20% of the total funds (around £11K) there is a good chance that the Mayor will fund the rest. The number of supporters will be AS important as the amount raised through the community so every donation not matter how small will count! To support this project please making a donation (however large or small) and help us share the word.


Acton "Unframed"

A project by Knnected & JGContemporary

Delivered in partnership with West London Art Factory


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