ACTON UNFRAMED: A project to bring world class street art to Acton, hits its crowdfunding target


Acton Unframed, a grass roots urban art project that aims to bring world class street art to Acton, London, has raised £54K with strong support from the local community, local businesses, Acton BID, Ealing Council, the Acton Central Ward Forum and The Mayor of London.

Headed up by local residents Kal Di Paola and Jewel Goodby and being delivered in partnership with West London Art Factory, the project aims to attract visitors to the area and serve as a catalyst to engage the community and to inspire commercial and social change in the neighbourhood.

"In order for Acton Unframed to have the impact we would like, we have chosen internationally respected portrait and figurative artists to bring our vision to life” Jewel Goodby.

The aim is to create five large scale murals to kickstart the project. All artists will be given a brief to draw inspiration from Acton’s history and it’s vibrant and diverse community to create a direct link to the commissioned artworks.

Acton Unframed launches with a major coup; world renowned artist Fin DAC, has agreed to create the first mural on a the Myrtle Rd corner of Churchfield Rd, W3. The art work will be painted during the week of August 19th 2019. Residents and street art fans are encouraged to come along and watch the mural being painted over the course of the week.

“We see street art as just the first step in a movement to create a more vibrant neighbourhood. With increased footfall and interest in the area we envisage opportunities to create community events, creative markets and family festivals to celebrate all that the area has to offer” Kal Di Paola

Acton Unframed will continue to deliver the remaining four artworks throughout 2019/2020. The team have plans to work with schools and community groups to host public workshops and events.

“Amongst the many community-led projects I’ve worked with, this Acton Unframed crowdfunding campaign is one of the best examples, as to how a group can successfully mobilise widespread community support for an idea that can potentially change their neighbourhood for the better. The campaign ran by West London Art Factory really has caught the attention of so many people in and around Acton. I look forward to seeing the murals in place”. Kofi Nyamah | Community Management Coordinator (Ealing Central & Acton)

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Jewel Goodby, (Artist Liaison)

James Goodby, (Operations & Wall Submissions)

Kal Di Paola, (PR, Marketing, Event Sponsorship)

Jewel Goodby

Jewel Goodby is a creative director and curator. In 2010 she co founded West London Art Factory and has worked closely with established urban and contemporary artists across multidisciplinary mediums showcasing their works. She launched JG Contemporary in 2017 and has successfully represented local and international talent in London and in New York.

West London Art Factory

West London Art Factory launched in 2010. Born out of a love for art, it is run by husband and wife team, Jewel and James Goodby. It now consists of unique and diverse selection of studio spaces for artists, makers and musicians alike. It has a dynamic and vibrant life of its own.

Kal Di Paola,

Kal Di Paola is a freelance marketer, she runs social media pages for Churchfield Rd, W3 and works with small businesses and community groups to develop projects to enhance community wellbeing and create commercial and social change in the neighbourhood.


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