Acton Unframed gets the Mayors Pledge

Acton Unframed, is a grassroots campaign which aims to bring high profile street art to Acton W3.

Last week we successfully pitched to the Mayor of London and secured £15K towards our total. We are very excited about this, as we now have an incredible line up of supporters and have raised a total of £36K and 70% of our total.

You will see from our crowdfunding page here, that we have support from;

Acton Business Improvement District (£2K),

Ealing council (£10K),

The Mayor of London (£15K),

FinDAC (£5K) AND

130 individuals have pledged a total of £3K.

Our lead artist FinDAC, is currently painting an official Frida Kahlo mural in Mexico! When this mural is unveiled to the world, FinDAC will be catapulted to a new level of stardom. He is already in huge demand and this is only likely to increase. Lucky for us, he is still committed to Acton and has provided us with availability in mid August when the first mural will be painted.

We have until 12th August to complete the fundraising and hope that that you will help us reach our target. It should be noted that if we don’t complete, we won’t receive any of the pledges that we have received to date, this would be a huge shame given what we have achieved so far.


Please help us to make it happen by donating if you can and spreading the word.


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