Matt Small is chosen to deliver Acton Unframed Mural No.2

Matt Small is the chosen artist for the next piece to be unveiled as part of the Acton Unframed Project. His work will feature Jamal Edwards MBE.

Matt, is an award winning artist who has developed his own unique style, creating pieces from discarded materials, from car bonnets and old street signs to tin cans and discarded toys. In has work he showcases underprivileged youth, individuals who often get overlooked and socially excluded.

“My work focuses on portraying young people in a positive light, seeing the potential and highlighting the positive contributions they can make and are making in society. For our young people it is so important to show them, that there are individuals out there, that have come from similar backgrounds to themselves pursuing their goals, achieving great things in a positive, constructive way and that these people are empowered and have respect amongst their peers and wider society” Matt Small

Jamal Edwards MBE, is the celebrated founder of SB.TV, a youtube channel he launched at the age of 15. Starting out as a platform for grime music, he was able to push underground artists such as Dizee Rascal and Wiley into the mainstream. As his audience grew he helped launch some of the biggest names in music including Stormzy and Ed Sheeran.

At just 28 years old Jamal is a huge success story. In 2014 Jamal was awarded an MBE for his services to music, and has a long list of accolades. Last week Jamal announced that he has successfully secured funding from Google and the Wellcome Trust to open four new youth centres, in Acton! Welcome news at a time when knife crime in the area is on the rise.

In celebration of all that Jamal has achieved and his contributions to the local community, Acton Unframed, has chosen Jamal as the subject for the next mural, a 3D metal sculpture by award winning artist Matt Small.

An outdoor image of Jamal, in the area he grew up in and calls home, can be a inspiration to other young people to aim high, believe in themselves and make that positive movement for their own futures.

"I'm more than excited to be a part of the project and it's a great honour to have Matt on board to create this artwork of me. It's especially close to my heart because all the hard work that's being put into this project is by people from Ealing & Acton, where I grew up. For Matt to create something inspired by me, that's made in the youth centre I grew up attending is a huge moment. I'm incredibly proud to be involved.” Jamal Edwards


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