30 days of jam packed advice and daily tutorials that will help you to put your best foot forward and build an Instagram feed that converts!

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To help small businesses tell their story, in their own voice and in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd...



Over the last 25 years I have seen first hand how small businesses can make a BIG impact with little budget. Having reached full capacity with retainer clients - I have developed this group programme to help small business owners  to upskill and WIN at instagram!


30 days of guided daily tasks - straight to your phone - through WhatsApp. Using tips, tools, tutorials and worksheets I will guide you to optimise your profile, design your feed, increase the quality of your posts, build engagement, measure performance and generate valuable leads. 

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  1. Build an Instagram strategy

  2. Optimise your profile

  3. Design your feed 

  4. Learn to use stories 

  5. Plan and schedule content 

  6. Increase engagement 

  7. Promote posts 

  8. Generate leads

  9. Win clients and 

  10. Track your performance


When you sign up you will receive a free Knnected worksheet that I use with all my clients. It will help you build your Instagram strategy and understand brand consistency. During the 30 day course I will support you to optimise your profile and build your brand presence. Daily tasks will  be shared along with “how to” tutorials on everything from feed design and photography tips to time management and planning. 


You might be new to Instagram or already using it but keen to learn it in more depth or maybe you need structure and guidance to be more creative with your posts. On this course you will learn through doing and will create habits over 30 days so that eventually Instagram becomes a breeze!


"By the end of the 30 days you will have learnt how to apply important marketing concepts to your social media strategy and discovered tools to help with everything from design to time management. This is a course for managers as well as executors. If you want to fast track your instagram knowledge this course is for YOU!"




I am a complete beginner can I join? 

Yes, in fact I would recommend you take this course before starting out so as not to make the posting mistakes most of us made when we first started!

I can use instagram but need to learn how to be more creative. How will this course help? 


I will share tips and  tools that you can use to create a more engaging feed. I have some go to tools for editing and will share ideas for creating impactful images. I will use screen recordings to guide you to make it as simple as possible 

Will the tasks have to be done at a set time?

NO - the course is designed for busy people like YOU! I will set daily tasks but you will be able to do them in your own time and revisit them at a later date if you run out of time.

What do I need to do in advance?

You will need to have worked on your messaging but I will guide you on this with a worksheet that you can complete ahead of the programme - this will be sent to you a few days before the programme starts.

The course is being delivered through WhatsApp but I don't want my phone number visible?


Don't worry - we will be using broadcast mode rather than group mode to respect your privacy -  you will receive the lessons directly to your personal number and not in  a group setting.  

If you have any questions not covered here please do email me.



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"Kal has developed and run a social media strategy for Basil & Tom's which has been fundamental in getting our business going over the last 18 months. She is full of ideas and knows how to strike the right tone to make social engaging for customers. We have valued how she's helped us"

— Gabby, Basil & Tom's

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“We hired Kal to manage our social media feeds to help launch Natural Grower. Her knowledge, passion and creativity have been invaluable for our growing business.

Kal brings a fresh approach to visual story telling that helps us stand out against our competitors. ”

— Charlotte, Natural Grower


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