I offer Marketing Mentorship to help you define your brand strategy and look at every aspect of your market funnel to create and optimise your marketing strategies for growth. I can help you launch marketing initiatives and help with content creation for social media, email marketing and the web.


To help small businesses tell their story, in their own voice and in a way that makes them stand out from the crowd...



Over the last 25 years I have seen first hand how small businesses can make a BIG impact with little budget. I have developed a framework to help small business owners to up-skill and WIN at Marketing!


We will start with your brand strategy to define your messages, tone of voice, target market and develop a visual identity with guidelines for consistent brand graphics across all your marketing. We will map out your marketing funnel and implement and optimise strategies at every stage of the journey in order to help you adapt and grow your business.

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  1. Understand your business model

  2. Understand your target audience  

  3. Understand your pricing 

  4. Map out your Marketing Funnel

  5. Identify your marketing channels 

  6. Develop your marketing strategies  

  7. Create opportunities

  8. Measure and analysis results 

  9. Develop SOP's for execution 

  10. Create a Strategic Growth Plan 


We will develop quarterly growth plans with an overall goal and develop monthly objectives to guide us and to keep us on track. We will meet virtually once a week to understand responsibilities and deliverables. Each client will be different. What I do for you, what I do with you and what I train you in, will depend on your capabilities and resources. We will develop a plan that specifically works for you so that you can expertly execute your marketing plan!


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"Kal has played a key role in helping my husband, Max and I set up our business Basil & Tom’s. She is brimming with practical and creative ideas about how to launch a business and how to keep refreshing what you are doing.


She is also great at cutting through complexity, keeping things simple and making them happen quickly. We have really valued what Kal has done to help us get started"

— Gabby, Basil & Tom's

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“We hired Kal to manage our Social Media Marketing to help launch our brand Natural Grower. 


Her knowledge, passion and creativity have been invaluable for our growing business.

Kal brings a fresh approach to visual story telling and her strategies have helped us stand out against our competitors. ”

— Charlotte, Natural Grower


You might be launching a new business or already running one. Marketing is the key to growing your business. Without understanding the key principles of marketing it is easy to make expensive and unnecessary mistakes. And time is an enemy for all business owners, even when you have the knowledge - if you don't execute you continue to miss opportunities.


"You will be encouraged to think outside the box to apply important marketing concepts to your growth strategy. You will also learn how to set up tools and systems to help with your entire marketing efforts."


How much time do I need to input? 

This will depend on your business and set up. The aim of the mentorship is to understand what help you need, what you can do yourself now and what you could start to do with more training or hands on support.

How much will you do for me and how much of it will I need to do myself ? 


I will be flexible with how I support you. I can help you set up social media platforms, create ideas and content plans, I can design and set up templates for email newsletters and put strategies in place with Standard Operational Procedures documents for guidance. I will adapt what I support you with according to your needs.

What if I need more of your time?

If you end up needing to outsource more than you thought I will work out a plan with you - every business will have different requirements - it may be that you need to hire a junior person to support some of your work. The process of working together will uncover exactly where the gaps are and I will guide you to use the best solutions.

I have more questions can we chat before I commit?

Of course! If you have any questions not covered here please do email me so we can arrange a time to discuss!




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