My mission is to provide small businesses with all the benefits of an in-house marketing department

Marketing should be a  long term commitment for every business. It is not a one-time fix but an on-going strategy that helps businesses flourish. I aim to provide solutions to help you keep learning at a pace and cost that suits you. 


I have been an entrepreneur all my life. I have always loved living life outside of my comfort zone. I’ve learnt everything I know from doing and learning and trialing and failing. I love building businesses, and I might even be a little bit addicted to it!


I started my first business in my twenties. Passionate about fashion but without any formal training in design I launched fashion label Kal Kaur Rai. Starting in my studio flat I  went on to have a wholesale showroom in London’s West End, I had agents in Manchester and Germany and sold in 120 boutiques worldwide. The label was worn by Victoria Beckham in her Spice Girls days, and many other celebrities including Beyonce and Alesha Dixon. 


In 2008 the recession, coupled with a pregnancy forced me to close Kal Kaur Rai but the seeds for my next business had already been sown. Whilst struggling with the effects of the recession I had started hosting second hand designer fashion events where I would gather London’s fashionistas to sell their wardrobes. The events were such a success that it led me to raise investment for an online marketplace BuyMyWardrobe which I launched in 2012. For the next 6 years I entered the rollercoaster world of  startups, raising £1M in investment - my education in business  was taken to new heights - I was lucky enough to have some incredible investors and mentors, including Mimma Viglezio, the highly acclaimed fashion consultant,  Carmen Busquet, an early stage investor in Net-a-Porter and David Suddens the brilliant former CEO of Dr Martin. I built the business as far as I could before selling it in 2018. 


Since then I have been working as a consultant helping small business owners on their own journeys. Being able to support lots of different business ideas is the perfect way to feed my love for business and to keep my desire from starting another demanding and challenging business at bay!


Since I started out as a consultant I’ve worked mainly with local community facing businesses as its something I am truly passionate about. I’ve built some tools in my local area Acton, W3,  including social media feeds, a local website and networking groups to support small businesses and to help connect the community. Realising the huge demand from small business owners for affordable marketing support I recently launched a new series of bitesized learning courses. I am currently delivering “Win at Instagram” a 30 day programme with regular start dates. New courses are being developed to help entrepreneurs on every stage of their journey!

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What People Say....

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Remi Olajoyegbe

Coach/Social Entrepreneur

"The path of an entrepreneur isn’t an easy one. In addition to knowing your market, it requires courage, resilience, vision, passion, consistency and rigorous self management, especially in the face of challenges, of which there are many.

I have known Kal for over 20 years and she embodies all of these attributes, as witnessed in her excellent ability to deliver.  She knows how to work on herself as well as her business, such that she is always learning, evolving and growing.   

She is a phenomenally talented entrepreneur and professional".


Mimma Viglezio

Creative Consultant

"I have known Kal for more than ten years, and worked with her in a previous venture.


She is a serious entrepreneur, relentless with ideas and albeit business oriented, she definitely possesses a strong creative mind. Most of all, Kal is resilient, optimistic, and therefore she doesn't give up easily. She knows how to listen, yet she can be firm in her point of views.


Lastly, she has a clear ability to use her past experiences to know what can make or break any new venture. It is always a delight to brainstorm with Kal".


Jennifer De Gray

Fashion Boutique Owner

“In my career journey, there have been those rare moments when stars align and you meet unique individuals who stop you in your tracks and inspire you - Kal is definitely THAT person! I’ve worked alongside Kal in various projects, and I am constantly in awe of her tireless resilience, endless ideas, her drive and her foresight. Having had  a career in the fashion industry for over 25 years, Kal has been my mentor constant, through brand changes and varied job roles. 

More recently, Kal has helped me to brainstorm the birth of my boutique styling brand.

She continues to support my small business with encouragement, fresh ideas and her take on solutions to new challenges. She is my motivational powerhouse!”

gabby for veg boxes.jpg

Gabby Bennet

Owner at Basil & Tom's

Kal has played a key role in helping my husband, Max and I set up our business Basil & Tom’s. She is brimming with practical and creative ideas about how to launch a business and how to keep refreshing what you are doing.


She is also great at cutting through complexity, keeping things simple and making them happen quickly. We have really valued what Kal has done to help us get started"


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